Photographs - borrowed from the Internet - depicting sights along the John Muir Trail.
From Thousand Island Lake, hike through Devil's Postpile and resupply at Red's Meadow. Then go up and over
Silver Pass and Selden Pass, through Evolution Valley, and make the approach to Muir Pass.

a_1000_island_lake_and_banner_peak_small.jpg _emerald_lake_small.jpg _devils_postpile_small.jpg _rainbow_falls_small.jpg
_silver_divide_small.jpg _sally_keyes_lake_small.jpg _deer_meadow_small.jpg _marie_lake_small.jpg
_darwin_bench_small.jpg _evolution_basin_small.jpg _evolution_creek_small.jpg _the_hermit_small.jpg
_evolution_meadow_small.jpg _evolution_lake_small.jpg _wanda_lake_small.jpg _muir_pass_small.jpg
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