Photographs - borrowed from the Internet - depicting sights along the John Muir Trail.
From the hut in Muir Pass, hike on LeConte Canyon for a layover and resupply. Then go up the Golden Staircase
to Dusy Basin. From there, cross Mather and Pinchot Passes and finally cross the Woods Creek Bridge.

_muir_hut_small.jpg _descent_from_muir_pass_small.jpg _helen_lake_small.jpg _big_pete_meadow_small.jpg
_leconte_canyon_small.jpg a_leconte_canyon_small.jpg _deer_meadow_toward_golden_staircase_small.jpg _golden_staircase_small.jpg
_dusy_basin_and_the_palisades_small.jpg _mather_pass_approach_small.jpg _south_from_mather_pass_small.jpg a_south_from_mather_pass_small.jpg
_lake_marjorie_sunset_small.jpg _pinchot_pass_approach_small.jpg _mount_clarence_king_small.jpg _woods_creek_bridge_small.jpg
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