Photographs - borrowed from the Internet - depicting sights along the John Muir Trail.
Mount Whitney - tallest mountain in the continental United States - is followed by a six-thousand foot drop down
ninety-seven switchbacks. After that descent, pass Trail Camp and Outpost Camp, then make the final swing to Whitney Portal.

_mount_whitney_window_small.jpg _mount_whitney_scary_trail_small.jpg _mount_whitney_summit_hut_small.jpg _mount_whitney_summit_small.jpg
_view_from_mount_whitney_small.jpg _trail_crest_sign_small.jpg _mount_whitney_97_switchbacks_small.jpg _cables_on_the_trail_small.jpg
_cables_on_the_trail2_small.jpg _view_from_trail_camp_small.jpg _trail_camp_small.jpg _mirror_lake_small.jpg
_bighorn_park_small.jpg _outpost_camp_small.jpg _lone_pine_creek_small.jpg _lone_pine_creek_crossing_small.jpg
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