Over the past few years, I've had a couple of permits for the JMT, but other commitments have always gotten in the way of making the trip.

Please feel free to use the information on this site to help you plan your own trip. I've made an attempt to compile the most useful information in one place. Trying, for example, to find one place to find information about permits is very difficult. If you use the Application Information link to the right, I think you'll find most of the links there will help you without having to scramble all over the Internet to gather the information on your own.

Over time, the links or the information behind them may become defunct. I don't intend to update this site on any regular basis. The information is still good as of Summer 2015, so far as I'm aware.

I got a surprise communiqué from Elizabeth Wenk, co-author of the book from which much of the info on this site has been extracted. She provided a URL to an updated list of JMT NAD 27 Waypoints. Use the link below (or on any page here) to get an updated list of those waypoints. Thanks, Elizabeth!

Thanks! Have a great hike!