Resupply Information

We'll start off with three breakfasts, three lunches, and three dinners each. That's enough to get us to Tuolumne Meadows, plus an extra day. From there on, we'll have to rely on resupplies. The cumulative meal counts are provided in parentheses.

The following resorts and post offices are good places to send your packages or stock up on some supplies. Be sure to check each website for particulars and ship all supplies 30 days prior to our expected arrival date!

Don't forget that we can pack our resupplies together into one big box or bucket and ship one package rather than shipping four or five. We'll save a bunch of money that way!

The dollar figures shown below are the cost for each package. The entire group may only require one or two packages at each of the first four places. The dunnage costs are for the entire group, so don't pass out from sticker shock.

To help plan expenses, I've divided the expenses in half. You'll see those numbers in green. On the dunnage costs for LeConte Canyon and Charlotte Lake, I've divided by both two and four in the hopes that our group will be able to split costs with another unknown group.

  • Day 3 - Tuolumne Meadows plus #s from Reds Meadow if Reds is skipped ($)
      Resupply Bucket
    • three breakfasts (6) or six breakfasts (9)
    • three lunches (6) or six lunches (9)
    • three dinners (5) or six dinners (8)

  • Day 7 - Reds Meadow ($25.00+) ($12.50+)
    • three breakfasts (9)
    • three lunches (9)
    • three dinners (8)
    • fuel canister
    • batteries

  • Day 10/11 - Vermilion Valley Resort (layover) ($18.00 + $16.00 each for boat ride) plus #s from Muir Trail Ranch if that is skipped ($25.00)
    • four breakfasts (13) or seven breakfasts (16)
    • three lunches (12) or six lunches(15)
    • three dinners (11) or six dinners (14)

  • Day 14 - Muir Trail Ranch ($50.00) ($25.00)
    • three breakfasts (16)
    • three lunches (15)
    • three dinners (14)
    • insect repellant

  • Day 17/18 - LeConte Ranger Station (layover) ($400.00) plus meals from Charlotte Lake if that is skipped ($200.00 / $100.00)
    • six breakfasts (22) or ten breakfasts (26)
    • six lunches (21) or nine lunches (24)
    • six dinners (20) or ten dinners (24)
    • fuel canister
    • batteries

  • Day 23 - Charlotte Lake Jct ($300.00) ($150.00 / $75.00)
    • four breakfasts (26)
    • three lunches (24)
    • four dinners (24)

Contact Information

Tuolumne Meadows Here you have two choices: either mail yourself a package or resupply directly from the store at Tuolumne. If you choose to mail yourself a package, here's the info you'll need:
Mail packages to:

c/o General Delivery
Tuolumne Meadows Post Office
Yosemite National Park, CA    95389-9906

Red's Meadow Resort Accessed from Red's Meadow Resort junction. The resort offers lodging, camping, a cafe, and a store (they sell stove fuel). They accept both hand-delivered and mailed resupply packages in boxes.
Contact Information:

Red's Meadow
PO Box 395
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

760-934-2345 or 800-292-7758

Vermilion Valley Resort Accessed from Lake Edison, Bear Ridge, and Bear Creek trails. The shortest distance from the JMT, via Lake Edison Trail and Lake Edison Ferry (twice daily, $18 round trip) is 2.5 miles round trip. The resort offers lodging, camping, a cafe, and a store (they sell stove fuel). They accept mailed resupply packages, preferably by USPS. As a bonus, thru-hikers get their first beer free. Food box costs are $15 per 25-lb package.
Contact Information for USPS:

Vermilion Valley Resort
PO Box 258
Lakeshore, CA 93634
Contact Information for UPS:
Vermilion Valley Resort
c/o Rancheria Garage
62311 Huntington Lake Road
Lakeshore, CA 93634

209-259-4000 (seasonal, at the resort)
209-855-6558 (office)

Muir Trail Ranch Accessed from Florence Lake trail. The shortest distance from the JMT is a half-mile round trip, once you reach the junction between the two JMT cutoffs. The resort stores mailed food packages and has an excellent collection of "leftover food" buckets for hikers to rummage through or deposit into. Their small store carries stove fuel, batteries, and postcards. Their lodging and food are reserved for their own guests. However, there are campsites nearby and a free hot-spring pool across the river (the ford may be very dangerous in early season). Food box costs are $50 per white plastic bucket.
Contact Information for summer:

Muir Trail Ranch
PO Box 176
Lakeshore, CA 93634
Contact Information for Off-Season:
Muir Trail Ranch
PO Box 269
Ahwahnee, CA 93601

290-966-3195 (office in Ahwahnee; no phone at resort)

Resupply Using Packstock An alternative resupply option is to have your food carried in by one of the pack stations operating in the eastern Sierra Nevada. Known as a "dunnage drop" by the packers, this would simplify your resupply logistics along the southern half of the JMT. Food drops can easily be arranged for LeConte Canyon or at the Kearsarge Pass junction. Per-day costs are approximately $95 per mule (each mule can carry up to 150 pounds of food) and $210 per packer.

Rainbow Pack Outfitters provides service over Bishop Pass and down to LeConte Canyon Ranger Station. This is a two-day trip for the packer. You can halve your costs by meeting the packer atop Bishop Pass:

Rainbow Pack Outfitters
Greg and Ruby Allen and Family
600 S. Main Street
PO Box 1791
Bishop, CA 93514

Pack Station - 760-873-8877
Office - 760-872-8803
Fax - 760-873-7523

Sequoia Kings Pack Trains provides service over Kearsarge Pass and down to the John Muir Trail at the Charlotte Lake junction:

Sequoia Kings Pack Train
Brian and Danica Berner
PO Box 209
Independence, CA 93526

Summer phone - 760-387-2797
Winter phone - 760-387-2627

Other pack stations based in the eastern Sierra are listed by the Forest Service on this downloadable document..